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Incoming Caller ID Not Working - Contacts show as UNKNOWN

In my old Samsung S9+ my EE sim shows incoming contact details (Name, pic, number), when I put the same sim into my new Axon 10 Pro all incoming calls show as UNKNOWN. Why is caller ID not working on my ZTE phone?

This is a big problem for me. Please can you help?


  • If WiFi calling is off and VoLTE calling is off Caller ID is working?

  •  You have to copy the contacts to the phone! then you have to set that the indicating contacts is only a point on the phone!

  • Hello @C_Cook, I have forwarded your request. We check the problem. When I get the feedback, I will inform you as soon as possible. Best regards

  • Hello @C_Cook , the transmission of the telephone number/caller ID is partly provider-dependent. The Provider EE does not exist in Germany and I think this is the reason why the caller ID is declared as unknown. Best regards

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